Blueprint Estimating
Terms and Conditions of Service

This letter describes the terms and conditions of your receipt and payment of Blueprint Estimating Services. If you do not accept these terms, please notify us immediately and we will discontinue your service. If you instead decide to receive our service, it will mean that you accept these terms and they will be legally binding.

Payment Information
All Projects require a retainer of 5 hours or more to be paid before we will start working on the project. (See minimums below) Your retainer amount required will be determined for each project separately. Retainers may not cover the entire cost of the estimate. See #1 in FAQ’s for "How long does it take to perform a take-off". Any open balance is due in full when your project is complete and ready for pick up. Invoices are to be paid upon receipt. Note: We will not start a second project for you until payment has been received for any open invoice from a previous project.

We have a 5 hour minimum on every project (Base Bid over $2500.00).
We have a 4 hour minimum on every project (Base Bid under $2500.00).
We have a 2 hour minimum on processing addendums/RFI’s/requested changes etc.
We strive to be time efficient and do the best job possible.

Canceling a request for a bid
If for any reason you decide to cancel a request for a bid after your retainer has been paid, we will refund your money minus cost of PayPal fees and less time spent on processing your project. Or, your refund can be applied toward your next invoice.

Normal Hourly Rate is $65.00 an hour and applies to work performed Monday through Friday normal business hours. Work performed outside normal business hours is considered overtime and requires overtime pay (See overtime hourly rate below).

Overtime Hourly Rate is equal to one and one half normal hourly rate (time & a half)

Payment Options
We accept Paypal
  • PayPal securely processes payments for Blueprint Estimating Services
  • You can pay through your PayPal account
  • Or, pay with a debit or credit card as a PayPal guest
  • It's Fast, Easy and Secure

No Extension of Credit
We are sorry but due to a substantial loss of revenue, we do not extend credit.

Thank You for Choosing Blueprint Estimating
We appreciate your business! We promise to keep all your information confidential. We take pride in all services we provide and look forward to doing business with you in the future.