Here is what we can do for you:
  • Complete painting estimates, wall covering estimates & some floor coating estimates
    Note: floor coating estimates we can do include: clear concrete floor sealer, porch & deck enamel, and some epoxy floor coatings (no resinous material estimates)
  • Send us your ITB (Invitation to Bid) and we will pursue the documents needed to bid your project.
  • Required processing and conversion of electronic documents to estimating software
  • Digitally "take-off blueprints" for your interior/exterior painting, wall covering and floor coatings
  • Vendor pricing & solicitation for competitive material pricing
  • Application of acceptable production rates and assumed cost for materials
  • Create a customized proposal to submit your bid and 6 detailed bid reports that can help you run the job and manage your budget for the project
  • Support and issue clarifications as necessary
  • Communicate with the GC to go over scope of work etc
  • Project Management Services such as:
    • Email out your proposal to general contractors from your bid list.  
    • Do follow up on who was awarded the project and where we ranked in bid process
    • Process change orders, adds/deletes etc. after job has been awarded.
  • Electronic files of project MUST be .PDF format only
  • Bid due-date for all projects
  • Special Bid instructions regarding items to include or exclude
  • Special Bid instructions to incorporate the cost of your estimate into the bid
  • Photos (if possible) of existing conditions
  • Addendums, Clarifications and or RFIs to include in estimate.
  • Minimum of 1 business day to incorporate any last minute additional docs into the bid.
Benefits of Our Services:
  • More time to manage the existing work you have
  • The ability to produce more quality bids to increase your chances of getting more work
  • The ability to have a second set of eyes double-check your numbers on a job you really want to get, or a project you have already won
  • The ability to use modern technology in estimating projects without the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own software.
  • The ability to do the actual take-off using software technology, providing you with up to 6 different project breakdown reports, including acceptable production rates and material costs

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